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Top 5 Men's Bracelets for the Fall and Winter Months

Posted by Manilyn Koh on

We have compiled a list of the top 5  best selling and favorite Men's Bracelet's for the Fall and Winter months of this year. 

No matter how cold it is, these bracelets will have you looking on point for the chilly seasons.

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1.  Blue Lightning and Dark Mountains 

"You are lost, buried deep in the Dark Mountains with only Blue Lightning to guide you. You will find your way, you always do."

This handmade premium men's bracelet is equipped with solid Titanium Steel and striking hand woven black and blue leather. A great piece for casual or dress up. 


2. Vengeance and Fury - Handmade Leather Bracelets - Combo Set

"It's time for Vengeance and Fury. They tried to subdue his spirit, but you just can't silence the fire inside of a man's heart."

This is our massively popular combo set that includes some these extremely unique handmade leather sets you see in the video below. Wear them all on both arms, or spread them out to last a different day, each day of the week.

3. Ocean and Rock - Handmade Leather Bracelet 

"You are the Ocean and the Rock in their lives. They can always count on you. You will NOT be moved. Get this Handmade Bracelet Set for Men. "

This piece is a true head turner, you just don't see designs like this everyday. We crafted this one to match those you wanted a more raw and rough style on their rest...and you guys have loved it.

Raw leather, fully adjustable, fits any size.


4. Fish and Stream - Leather Bracelet Set 

"Like the Fish in the Stream, the current might slow you or force you around another way, but you always push thru it. The power you hold within you is mighty."

Rough and Raw, straight from deep in the forest near the old Oak trees is where this one can sculpted. Straight from the materials around you. We placed all the right texture and colors on this piece to match any style you can throw at it.

Raw and rough leather.


 5. Faith and Iron Bracelet

"Sometimes all you need in life is Faith as strong as Iron."

This is one of our newest models and people are loving it. 

Made out of premium materials, available in both Gold and Black in 3 sizes to fit any wrist. Certainly a unique and impress piece that will have people asking where you got it from. 


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It's always better in the clouds. 







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