20 Things Only a Girl Growing Up Playing Softball Will Know

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Do you remember when that little girl you use to be first picked up a ball?

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You've loved it from the moment when you first threw the ball to your first catch in your glove. You loved the thrill it gave you, and you never quit. 

If you remember practicing for hours, pitching in your backyard, going to the playground to field grounders, practice every day after school rain, snow, or shine, tournaments every weekend, a mitt and ball in your backpack, and cuts and bruises always on your body there is a definite sign you grew up playing the sport. 

You know you wouldn't be the same person today if you never had the opportunity to play. When you stepped onto the field you were transformed into a powerful and competitive player no one wanted to mess with.  

1. Injuries. Or should I say trophies. Your legs were bruised, full of raspberries, cuts, and scrapes. You aren't the girl that the club with flawless legs; you're the one with scars and you're damn proud of it. 

2. You Never Gave Up. Whether a ball hit you in the gut, the face (broke my nose), or broke a bone you had every reason to be scared of playing again. You never did because you had so much love for the game. 

Of course, you had to sit on the bench till you healed and that killed you inside. 

3. Sliders In Every Color. They were your practice clothes accessories. 

4. Empowering Females. Your attitude in the game was most important. You played your best when you were confident and respectful. We never "play like a girl" We left boys in shock. 

5. Parents Who Need To Calm Down. Sometimes they take all the fun out of the game.

6. Having A Signature Hair Style During A Game. Whether that was a ribbon in your hair, braids, or just a pony you rocked it.

7. Too Many Tournament T-Shirts. You can make a quilt with the amount you have. 

8. Team Nickname. You still respond to it.

9. Waking Up At 4 am. It was 100% easier waking up when you knew you got to play all day in a tournament. 

10. Teammates Become Sisters. These are the girls you spent an endless amount of hours with at practice, had sleepovers with, and was your gossip group. They were always there and had your back. You were a team on and off the field. 



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11. Always Leaving With Dirt. Dirt just became part of your uniform. 

12. Owning Sassy T- Shirts. That say, "Kiss my Cleats.", "That Pitch Cray,", and "I'd Hit That." Yeah, you rocked it. 

13. Your Position. You had that one position you were phenomenal at. 

14. Mouthguards. Your parents didn't spend thousands of dollars on your teeth for them to get knocked out. 

15. $300 Bats. Christmas Present? Your idea of a present was a lot different than most girls your age.  

16. The Perfect Hit. You love the sound of it and every feeling that comes along with it. 

17. Farmers Tan. You didn't spend time tanning like most girls. You also didn't care if you showed up with that farmer tan; you owned it. 

18. Yelling. From cheers on the bench to being so excited that your friend got a homer. You always came back to school with a hoarse voice. 

19. Your Number. The number you've kept through every team and, of course, is part of your email. 

20. Retiring to Co-Ed Softball. When you're done with competitive teams and retire to intermural softball. It's A LOT different than you're used to, but you will have the same heart for the game.  

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