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10 Exciting And Unexpected Ways Your Dog Says ‘I Love You’ Posted on 25 Aug 02:21 , 0 comments

This article from about dogs, I think is true, what do you think? Read the full article below then comment about what you think. 


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have always fantasized about having the same powers as Doctor Dolittle — mostly because knowing exactly what animals are thinking and feeling would be some really valuable information to have.

For instance, why does my dog bark at the vacuum cleaner or hide in a corner whenever the lightest bit of rain starts to fall?

I don’t think I’ll ever know the answers to those questions, but thanks to new developments in the science of dog communication, I now know whether or not my dog loves me.

Much like studies that have found that dogs have certain “powers” or enhanced physical senses, scientists have also uncovered that because dogs and humans have been so deeply intertwined through history, dogs have developed unique ways to expressing their love for humans.

The signs are very subtle and they’re not always obvious, but as we break down in this exclusive, all you need to know are the tiny signs that prove your dog’s love for you…

1. Staring directly into your eyes.

On a 60 Minutes segment, Anderson Cooper met with Brian Hare, a well-known dog expert, to discuss how dogs express love. According to Hare, when your dog looks you in the eye, he is “hugging you with his eyes.”

When a dog looks at you while the two of you are playing with one another or just cuddling, oxytocin is released. It’s the same hormone that helps new mothers bond with their babies. If you want to test this out with your dog, don’t go home and a have a staring contest with your pooch. He will sense something is off, and look away because he feels awkward.

Instead, try to naturally maintain eye contact with him during your normal routines and see how he responds.

2. Yawning when you yawn.

Yawning is contagious. But did you know this impulse isn’t limited to just humans?

Dogs, because they’ve been bred to read humans, also yawn when someone they love yawns.

A study found that when humans echo another’s yawn, it’s because they’re empathetic, like sympathy pains. It’s impossible to measure if dogs are empathetic, but it’s possible that a dog yawning the same time as a human happens because the dog has bonded with that person.

The study also found that dogs were more likely to yawn when their owners yawned, as opposed to a stranger.

3. Leaning on you.

The song “Lean on Me” is all about offering support and dogs crave that same kind of security.

Sometimes a dog will lean on a human because he is anxious, wants you to do something, or take him somewhere. But leaning is also a symbol of affection.

Even if your dog is leaning on you out of pure nervousness, he is still doing it because he thinks of you as someone who can protect him and keep him safe.

4. Cuddling with you after a meal.

In his book, How Dogs Love Us, Gregory Berns, if your dog cuddles with your after eating, it’s a strong sign that they do indeed love you.

Most dogs lovers (or even people who don’t like dogs) know that pups are motivated by food. But according to Berns, once a dog eats all its food, his next action can signify what’s most important to him besides eating.

Sometimes your dog may have to do his “business” right after a meal, but watch how he reacts in the morning and at night. If he’s snuggling up with you after one of these meals, then there’s some definite puppy love on his end.

5. Lifting and wiggling eyebrows.

We think we can read a dog by its tail, but its facial expressions are a way more powerful indicator.

In a recent study in Japan, dogs were introduced to their parent, a stranger, a dog toy, and an item they didn’t like.

When seeing their parent, the dogs immediately lifted their eyebrows (especially their left), and when they saw a stranger there was a lot less facial movement, except for movement of the right brow.

Yet, when they saw an item they knew and had bonded with, the dogs shifted their left ear back. But if it was an item they didn’t like, their right ear shifted. According to the study, this suggests the dog is more reserved when they are engaging someone they don’t know or something they disapprove of.

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6. Watching you leave calmly.

Some people think that if a dog panics when they leave that it’s a sign that they love them.

That’s not necessarily true, according to Gregory Berns.

If your dog panics when you leave, it’s more of a sign that they have separation anxiety than that they love you.

If a dog goes into his crate or is accepting of you leaving, i.e. they’re calm when you leave, it means your dog loves and trusts you and is confident that you will return.

7. Freaking out when you return.

We all feel special when we come home and we’re greeted by our dog with his tail wagging, a favorite toy in tow, and he’s jumping all over the place like a crazy kangaroo.

And it’s a good thing we like it, because it’s a very distinctive way a dog shows you his love for you — and it’s love in its truest form.

8. Sleeping in your room.

9. Bringing you his favorite toy.

If your pup brings you his favorite, most coveted toy, it doesn’t just mean your dog wants to play.

Although wanting to play with you is a sign of affection in itself, when your dog brings you his favorite ball, it may also mean he thinks of you as his pack leader.

Because of this, he wants to please you by offering you his finest possession, be it a squeaky toy or well-worn Frisbee. He thinks you’ll like it as much as he does, and as they say: “sharing is caring!”

10. Enjoying your love.

Do you love your dog? According to Gregory Berns, dogs can actually innately sense whether or not you love them.

So if you don’t love them, you’re not getting it back in return!

How does your beloved pup most often show you their love? Let us know in the comments below!

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Amazing One Water Bowl Hack To Improve Your Dog’s Health Posted on 24 Aug 20:05 , 0 comments

This article that I have read about dachshunds from, I think is true, what do you think? Read the full article below then comment about what you think. 

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You would never drink out of a glass that hasn’t been cleaned in a couple weeks, or a mug that’s been sitting on the counter for a month–actually I don’t know your life, you do you, but I do know your dog deserves better! I didn’t realize that I was cutting corners with my dog’s water bowl hygiene, and now I’m going to share the low-down and dirty news with you, so we don’t make the same mistake.(Because between you and me there’s a real simple way to improve your pup’s quality of life.)

A 2011 study conducted by NSF International looked into the germiest, dirtiest, and grimiest places in our homes and coming in fourth place was, you guessed it, our pet’s water bowls.

First things first, the bowl. The cleanest and safest options for bowls are either stainless steel, or ceramic. None of this plastic bowl business. Plastic is not only very porous, but it can also get scratched up easily, two things that make it much easier for algae, mold, and bacteria to collect and grow.

And about that bacteria… it’s nazty, and your dog bowl is teeming with it. Perhaps the most common, and certainly most recognizable is Serratia Marcescens, also known as that “pink stuff.”

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Serratia Marcescens has been known to cause infection and even pneumonia. And even if you don’t see the dreaded pink stuff, it doesn’t mean your dog’s water bowl is safe from ick. Yeast, mold, and coliform bacteria (which includes Salmonella and E. coli) have been found in dog bowls according to the NSF study. And this all goes TRIPLE for our dog’s food bowls. The fat found in food is a breeding ground paradise for bacteria.

That’s one cute bacterium.

No, I don’t think your dog will get mad cow disease, Ebola, or SARS, but we all (especially our pups!) could benefit from being a little more diligent with our dog bowl hygiene. The most common form of cleaning, and the method I am embarrassed to say I most often implemented before doing some research, is the ole hot water rinse. I thought a good scrub of hot water, with a non-soapy sponge (was it stupid of me to think my dog would taste soap in his water, when I clean my own dishes with soap but never complain about a sudsy after taste? Yes, yes it was…) was suitable. 

Well, I was very wrong. According to a study published in a Canadian Veterinarian Journal, a hot water rinse is so ineffective it’s comparable to doing nothing at all. 

I’m sorry, Ziggy!
My bad. Never again. NSF International says:

"Pet dishes should be washed daily, either in a sanitizing dishwasher or scrubbed by hand with hot soapy water, then rinsed. If hand washing, place the dishes in a 1:50 bleach rinse (one cap of bleach in one gallon of water) and soak for about 10 minutes once per week. Rinse thoroughly and allow to air dry."

Soon you’ll have dog bowls so clean YOU can eat off them (which might be a good rule ofthumb dew claw!)
Also, be sure not to use an abrasive sponge when cleaning; remember, we’re trying to avoid scratches and grooves. Baking soda is also a great cleaning agent. And if you have the means, just throw those bowls into the dishwasher! The level of cleanliness will make up for all the times our dogs sneakily drink out of the other kind of bowl…


Oh, boy… One thing at a time…

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Cuddling Is One Key to Cat Health Based On Study Posted on 24 Aug 19:34 , 0 comments

I have read this article about cats from that I think is true, what do you think? Read the full article below then comment about what you think.

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We all know that petting cats is healthy for humans, both lowering blood pressure, and relieving stress; but a new study released this month in the journal "Preventive Veterinary Medicine” proves that cuddling cats is a health booster for our feline friends, as well.

Authored by animal welfare consultant, Nadine Gourkow, and Clive J.C. Phillips, a University of Queensland professor of animal welfare, the study took place over the course of 10 days, focusing on 96 healthy, well-adjusted, content felines.

Divided into two groups – positive interaction and control – the cats were exposed to different stimuli during the study, with the positive group receiving positive interaction with the same person four times a day, for ten minutes each time.

The cats in the control group, on the other hand, were subjected to a researcher, eyes averted, standing in front of their cage for the same amount of time each day.

The results? The cats in the positive interaction group, who were handled lovingly, retained the content dispositions they began with. The cats in the control group, however, were more disgruntled, unhappy, and unwell. Literally.

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Of the 49 cats in the control group, 17 of them developed upper respiratory disorders; whereas only nine of the 47 cats in the positive interaction group developed such disorders. Gourkow told The Huffington Post that she discovered a "strong association between positive emotions induced by gentling and good health.”

Based on their findings, Gourkow and Phillips were able to determine that a cat’s contentment stimulates the production of an antibody that fights upper respiratory disorders. In other words: content kitties mean healthy kitties!

"We have learned that the domestic cat is very responsive to good treatment by humans," said Phillips. "However, the study has emphasized to me how sensitive pets are, including my dog, to gentle treatment."

The most effective gentling method for animals? That’s next on the study agenda for Gourkow and Phillips. Until then, Gourkow is in the process of building a website that instructs shelters on how to implement her findings and keep felines in good health and spirits, maximizing their opportunity for adoption!

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25 Images Showing How Cats Are Slowly Evolving Into Humans Posted on 24 Aug 19:09 , 0 comments

I just found this article about cats from that I think is true, what do you think? Check the image article below then comment about what you think.

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Why Your Cat Behaves Like it Does Posted on 24 Aug 11:37 , 0 comments

I just found this article about cats from that I think is true, what do you think? Read the full article below then comment about what you think.

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Cats aren’t quite as expressive as dogs when it comes to letting their owners know how they feel about them. Still, that doesn’t mean they don’t love you.

The truth is that cats feel just as much affection for their humans as their canine counterparts. They just say “I love you” a little differently… and often in the strangest ways possible.

1. There are many theories about why cats knead their paws into you, but many researchers agree that they’re trying to return the affection that you’re showing them. They just don’t know that it actually hurts.

3. When cats rub their head against you, they’re marking you as one of their own with the concentrated scent glands in their cheeks and head. Congratulations, you’re family.

4. A cat’s unending stare can be a little bit disconcerting, but don’t fret. First of all, they’re not really staring. Their eyes are evolved to blink less frequently than ours. But more than that, a steady, soft gaze means that they feel safe and comfortable with you.

5. Like most creatures, cats don’t like to make themselves vulnerable. So if they roll over and present their belly to you, it’s a sign of unwavering trust.

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6. Your cat’s tail is a strong indicator of their mood. The higher they carry it, the more content and happy they are. And if they’re feeling really affectionate, they’ll wrap it around you.

7. Cats nip and nibble at us all the time, but it’s far from an aggressive gesture. Cats do the same when they’re grooming their kittens, so it’s much more likely that they think of you with the same affection.

8. Much like with head-butting, cats will run between your legs to mark you with their scent.

9. If you can get your cat purring, it means that they’re very happy with you and with what you’re doing.

10. It may be annoying sometimes, but when your cat follows you absolutely everywhere from room to room, it’s just a sign that they like you and want to be where you are.

See? Cats aren’t really evil. They’re just kind of shy, awkward, and mysterious when it comes to expressing affection. Just like I was in high school.

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And Now, the Worst Dachshund of the Year Posted on 24 Aug 10:43 , 0 comments

I have found out this article about dachshunds from that I think is true, what do you think? Read the full article below then comment about what you think.

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Is your dog TRULY the worst dog of 2015? Even WORSE than Andi? We here at BarkPost believe in rewarding mischief when it’s not our dogs.

There are dogs like Lassie, who save small children that fall down wells. There are dogs like Caitlyn, who overcome horrific circumstances to triumph and inspire the world. There are even dogs like Clifford, who are IMAGINARY yet still manage to help their human besties navigate life’s trials and tribulations.

Then there are dogs like Andi, who are the Absolute Worst.


Born Josey (no surname), adopted from Social Tees Animal Rescue (who do great work and had no idea they had saved a fiend disguised as a puppy), re-named Andromeda Penelope Josey Bernier, she is, as I overheard one of my co-workers say:

“The purest representation of evil self-interest I have ever seen.” — co-worker Will Storie

Andi loves me and I love her, don’t get me wrong. But Andi has levels of love, and I know exactly where I stand in the ranking, which is:

3) How to get FOOD
4) Burrowing under blankets and farting in order to recharge to find more FOOD
4.5) Me as the most regular dispenser of FOOD

In her continuing quest to consume all the things, Andi has managed to con, swindle, charm and altogether fool the majority of the human race into thinking she is an adorable, innocent, harmless pup. But once you get to know her, you soon realize you are merely the disposable tool she wields in order to fulfill her life mission: eating everything in sight.


In the past few months alone, here are things Andi has managed to steal from unsuspecting dogs, humans, and street corners to shove down her gullet:

1) cigarette butts (she went through this phase as a puppy, and I thought she was over it until she tried to eat one again two weeks ago)

2) half a bag of cadbury mini chocolate eggs

3) five half sugar, half white chocolate lollipops from my mother’s holiday shelf (which I still don’t understand how she reached. I think she can fly.)

4) my dinner (several times)

5) my breakfast (several times)

6) my lunch (several times)

7) Alexa’s sandwich

8) Bijal’s sandwich

9) Brandon’s couscous

10) Panda’s kibble (several times)

11) Pixel’s kibble (once)

12) Patricia’s Max Brenner chocolate

13) Ty’s kibble (several times)

14) my dark chocolate mini bar which I was saving for my dessert one night

15) my burt’s bees lip balm (twice)

16) my friend’s high heel

17) Lex’s salad

18) Christina’s Chinese food (during a staff meeting)

19) Alexis’s (mostly) finished burrito. (twice)

20) Monty’s treats (from his dad Hagel’s jacket pocket)

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21) Half of Stangle’s loaf of bread

22) Audrey’s kibble (several times)

23) Gus’s fresh pet (once or twice)

24) Rigby’s kibble (once or twice)

25) Laura’s lunch (twice)

26) two doses of hydrogen peroxide to make her barf the aforementioned chocolate she ate. (She did not barf. She just ran around like a tiny hot dog on crack every time.)

27) tampons and maxi pads

28) chicken bones from the gutter (she strikes fast like a snake, A SNAKE)

29) lint

30) the feather of a pigeon

31) the breadcrumbs left after scattering a group of pigeons

32) Sothdra’s eggs

33) Maggie’s Mintie’s treat*

34) underwear, which she then dragged out into the kitchen of a friend’s I was staying at. Thanks Andi.

AND THIS IS JUST WHAT I CAUGHT HER EATING. A couple times her poop had glitter in it, so I’m guessing she may have at some point devoured a fairy.

It’s not so much the amount she ingests, or the variety. It’s the cunning with which she snatches unguarded edibles, the constant plotting she does in order to rob others of their meals (once she did a 3 foot dead jump from the floor up to a window-seat and then leaped from there to the back of a table to steal a piece of pizza).


And most of all, it’s the complete lack of remorse she displays whenever she gets caught in her gastronomical skullduggery.


Is Andi the worst dog ever? People tell me probably not. Is she the worst dog of the decade? Well, she’s definitely in the top three.
BUT is she the worst dog of 2015?

Please. There’s not even a doubt in my (or in all of my office’s) mind.

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What if your Dachshund was as Big as it Thought it was? Posted on 24 Aug 08:35 , 0 comments

This full article is about dachshund from that I think is true, what do you think? Kindly read the article below then comment about what you think.

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A few months ago I started photoshopping images of my Dachshund, Vivian in her “true size.” She has a larger than life personality and I wanted to capture it in a picture.

I’ve known Vivian since she was a newborn puppy. My sister has a dog named Gogo, and she had a litter of puppies—Gogo, not my sister. The night they were born, my mom stayed up delivering the puppies. My dad likes to point out that he helped and was “the assistant midwife.” I rushed over to their home the next day and instantly fell in love with Vivian.

Since then, we’ve moved all over the US together. We’ve lived in four states, five cities, and 10 different apartments or houses. We’ve settled in Brooklyn and love it here. Vivian thinks she is just as big as the city we live in, which has inspired the children’s book we’re working on, “Vivian the Dog Moves to Brooklyn.”

This is Vivian

Most dachshunds think they are big dogs, but Vivian is literally huge



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She lives in New York 

She’s always on the hunt for food


How Your Softball Position Determines Who You Date Posted on 24 Aug 06:49 , 0 comments

I have found out this article about softball from that I think is true, what do you think? Read the full article below then comment about what you think.

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Softball, like dating, is not for the faint of heart. It requires confidence, precision and strength of will. It will test your patience, determination and — most importantly — your ability to get the job done.

The women who play the game are the strongest players both on and off the field. They're women who will go to bat for you. They get to third base without losing their dignity. They're used to playing the field and throwing away stray balls as fast as they catch them.

They're women who know what they want and exactly how to get it. I mean, they're hitting home runs on a daily basis while rocking visors.

So what exactly does the position you play in softball say about your ability to play the dating game?

Pitcher: Get her number, get her heart.

When it comes to dating, pitchers run the show (and your credit card if you don't watch out). They are prone to going after what they want, even if that means picking up on signs and running with them.

They like being in control, which means they're always on top. They aren't scared of getting down and dirty, either. Literally balls to the face.

They're as wild with their hearts as they are their arms, but once you get their number, they're easy to crack. They are romantics at heart and aren't scared to jump into relationships as quickly as they let the last ball go.

Watch out, however. They're tempted to play games, throwing in some curveballs when you aren't looking.

First Base: All about the wing game.

First base players have to be solid and reliable. Thus, they make damn good wing women.

They're great to go out with, patiently waiting for you to play your game and interpret where you're going next. They do, however, have a few tricks up their own Under Amoured sleeve.

First base players are confident and charming. They may not be as daring as pitchers, but they know a good thing when they see it. They are more likely to wait for something to come to them, but once it does, they know exactly how to handle it and turn it into the winning opportunity.

Once in a relationship, they are supportive and reliable. If crossed, however, they'll throw you away faster than a loose grounder.

Outfielders: Out of sight, never out of mind.

Outfielders are more reserved and patient. But don't confuse their modesty for innocence. Their arms can do things with balls you've never seen. Like a Catholic school girl, just because the uniform is on doesn't mean they're playing by the rules.

While they're patient and stable, they're also known for being as wild as the balls they catch. While they may get fewer opportunities, they cover way more field. They aren't scared to put everything they've got out there, and you can be sure, if you're fly, they're going after you.

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Catcher: The pads are just a cover.

Catchers are in a league of their own. Like the girls who went to school in sweatpants and bulky sweaters, you can be sure when out of sight, they're taking everything off. They're wild-childs who knows how to play every position (and they’ll make you try every one).

They've got a mouth on them and it's used for more than just shouting orders. While many think of them as rigid and covered-up, they're the most colorful of the group.

Like the girl who was forced to cover-up throughout high school, they tend experiment the most.

Second Base: Games are for off the field.

Like the middle child, they can be a bit prudish and most prone to playing games (for the attention, of course). They're the women stirring things up and somehow always getting “caught in the middle.” They know how to juggle and aren't scared of playing men the same way they play those grounders. They look at dating as a game more than anything else.

They're heartbreakers and ball busters. They’re not scared to let things go or stop them before they get too far. You can be sure you're not getting to home base without a fight.

Shortstop: Sexuality has no lines.

Caught in the middle, shortstop tends to be the most sexually confused (or sexually adventurous). They don't know what they want so they go after everything. They're the kind of gals who won't easily be tied down and most definitely will try swinging both ways just for the hell of it.

They're spirited, quirky and always looking for someone new. While they don't have a lot of long relationships, they make the most of intense, short ones.

Third Base: You’re not close to home yet.

Third base women may seem the easiest, but they're actually the pickiest. They know what they want and where they want to go with it. They've set their mind on one thing and one thing only. Nothing is going to distract them, not even a big set of balls.

They're not teases, but they definitely aren't easy. Just because they're close to home doesn't mean you'll get there. While third base seems like the last stop, it's almost the hardest to break. They like to get things locked down before making any moves. They’re careful planners and don’t let anything get in the way of that winning play.

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20 Things Only a Girl Growing Up Playing Softball Will Know Posted on 24 Aug 05:46 , 0 comments

I have read this article about softball from that I think is true, what do you think? Read the full article below then comment about what you think.

Do you remember when that little girl you use to be first picked up a ball?

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You've loved it from the moment when you first threw the ball to your first catch in your glove. You loved the thrill it gave you, and you never quit. 

If you remember practicing for hours, pitching in your backyard, going to the playground to field grounders, practice every day after school rain, snow, or shine, tournaments every weekend, a mitt and ball in your backpack, and cuts and bruises always on your body there is a definite sign you grew up playing the sport. 

You know you wouldn't be the same person today if you never had the opportunity to play. When you stepped onto the field you were transformed into a powerful and competitive player no one wanted to mess with.  

1. Injuries. Or should I say trophies. Your legs were bruised, full of raspberries, cuts, and scrapes. You aren't the girl that the club with flawless legs; you're the one with scars and you're damn proud of it. 

2. You Never Gave Up. Whether a ball hit you in the gut, the face (broke my nose), or broke a bone you had every reason to be scared of playing again. You never did because you had so much love for the game. 

Of course, you had to sit on the bench till you healed and that killed you inside. 

3. Sliders In Every Color. They were your practice clothes accessories. 

4. Empowering Females. Your attitude in the game was most important. You played your best when you were confident and respectful. We never "play like a girl" We left boys in shock. 

5. Parents Who Need To Calm Down. Sometimes they take all the fun out of the game.

6. Having A Signature Hair Style During A Game. Whether that was a ribbon in your hair, braids, or just a pony you rocked it.

7. Too Many Tournament T-Shirts. You can make a quilt with the amount you have. 

8. Team Nickname. You still respond to it.

9. Waking Up At 4 am. It was 100% easier waking up when you knew you got to play all day in a tournament. 

10. Teammates Become Sisters. These are the girls you spent an endless amount of hours with at practice, had sleepovers with, and was your gossip group. They were always there and had your back. You were a team on and off the field. 



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11. Always Leaving With Dirt. Dirt just became part of your uniform. 

12. Owning Sassy T- Shirts. That say, "Kiss my Cleats.", "That Pitch Cray,", and "I'd Hit That." Yeah, you rocked it. 

13. Your Position. You had that one position you were phenomenal at. 

14. Mouthguards. Your parents didn't spend thousands of dollars on your teeth for them to get knocked out. 

15. $300 Bats. Christmas Present? Your idea of a present was a lot different than most girls your age.  

16. The Perfect Hit. You love the sound of it and every feeling that comes along with it. 

17. Farmers Tan. You didn't spend time tanning like most girls. You also didn't care if you showed up with that farmer tan; you owned it. 

18. Yelling. From cheers on the bench to being so excited that your friend got a homer. You always came back to school with a hoarse voice. 

19. Your Number. The number you've kept through every team and, of course, is part of your email. 

20. Retiring to Co-Ed Softball. When you're done with competitive teams and retire to intermural softball. It's A LOT different than you're used to, but you will have the same heart for the game.  

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Having A Cat Makes You Crazy According To Scientists…Find Out How Scary It Is Posted on 24 Aug 03:57 , 0 comments

I just found this article about cats from that I think is true, what do you think? Read the full article below then comment about what you think.

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To people who can get past their mood swings, cats are truly awesome pets. It like they can do no wrong. But as it turns out, there may be a downside to owning these magical creatures…

And it comes in the form of a very strange disease.

Scientists now claim there may be a downside to having cats around. It’s called T. gondii, and most cats carry it.


T. gondii is a parasite present in the waste of most cats, and it can alter the brains of certain animals.

 Mice normally use their sense of smell to avoid cat urine. But once they’re infected with T. gondii, their brain is altered so that they start actually being drawn to the scent of cats – which inevitably doesn’t end well for the mice.


Having the infected mouse be eaten by a cat is beneficial to the parasites, since cats are the only hosts where that allow them to reproduce.


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These mind-altering parasites are able to infect humans as well, and that’s where things get even more bizarre.

While T. gondii parasites can’t reproduce in a human host, they can still cause mild toxoplasmosis… and possibly lead to the development of mental illness.


In a recent study in the journal Schizophrenia Research, scientists found a link between people who had been exposed to cats from a young age and the development of mental illness later in life.


This latest study is the third to come to this same conclusion.


Looks like your cats are literally driving you crazy. Your feline friend might not seem so cute anymore, huh?


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